The only way to get a truer feel for a campus
is to go there yourself.
What you won't encounter are the joys and expense of air travel, rent-a-cars, driving, parking, gas, tolls, hotels, meals, rain, missed school and work days.


November 30, 2011

Sorry, we’ve stopped making our videos.  After 23 years producing over 1,200 one hour Collegiate Choice Walking Tours, we’ve come off the road.  We watched the recording technology go from 8mm to High 8 to digital and the playback from VHS to DVD to streaming video.  Each change was better and cheaper.  Not so, the cost of travel.  As college counselors, we face the same expense of airfares, rent-a-car, hotels, meals, and gas  that you do.  And as the airlines merged, they cut back on their flights making it more difficult to schedule visits to multiple cities.

We still do independent college counseling, and thought you might find the items below a help and under those, some items to bring you a smile. Don’t go crazy during this process.

 Best of luck in the family’s college search, and we wish you nothing but acceptance letters.

 The independent college advisors of Collegiate Choice             email Collegiate Choice            41 Surrey Lane, Tenafly, NJ 07670   


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